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About Us

Whitehorse Industries is located South East of Melbourne, approximately 34 km from the Melbourne CBD.

We have been established for over 60 years and are considered the oldest and largest metal spinning company in Australia.


Our expertise has accumulated over many years of improving our methods and our service, and delivery has excelled with the introduction of CNC spinning machines.


Our current customer base exceeds 1,000 and is constantly growing with the capabilities of six on-site CNC spinning machines.


We have recently introduced a new apprenticeship scheme and have employed 3 new apprentices, increasing our staff levels to 17 employees.


Metal spinning is a very old craft that has now grown to a respected and necessary trade, and a well established part of the sheet metal industry around the world. Our skilled services are now required around all states of Australia and New Zealand, and we now export to China.


The team at Whitehorse Industries look forward to discussing your metal spinning requirements with you.

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Phone:        03 9739 5955,
Facsimile:  03 9739 5808 or
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Directors: Geoff Tobias, Adrian Gillam & Craig Winters


Reception: Marion Barker.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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