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Three Piece Wheels

‘Three piece wheels’, as is indicated by their name, have three components to them.

The Cast or Billet Centre, the Inner Rim section and the polished Outer Rim section.

The inner rim section on our wheels has a large calliper clearance to allow for the largest brake components and optimal brake cooling.

The outer rim section can be polished to a mirror finish or left raw for painting by the end user.

Both the inner and outer rim sections come with safety beads to keep the tyre on the rim in the unfortunate event of a sudden loss of tyre pressure.

With the use of wheel measuring ball tapes, all rims that are produced are measured for size within a specific tolerance range to ensure accurate rim to tyre fitment.

Various materials can be used depending on the application.

-4mm and 5mm thick (5mm on 18” rims) 6061 aluminium for the ultimate in strength and durability.

-4mm 5005 for the budget conscious weekend Racer.

-3mm 5005 for the lightweight open wheeler Hill Climb cars.

Whitehorse Industries can produce three piece wheels to suit your needs – from small diameter 10” wheels up to 18” diameter.

Popular 3 Piece Wheel choices over the years have been the Simmons™ wheel and the BBS™ wheel. Not just for street use but also for racing.

Replacement costs can be quite high for a genuine product, but at Whitehorse Industries we can provide a cheaper alternative while still maintaining high strength replacement parts for race use only. The majority of our wheel  tooling is based on the Simmons™ and BBS™ wheels. With the closure of Simmons™ wheels in Australia Whitehorse Industries was fortunate enough to acquire a substantial amount of wheel tooling as well as the spinning lathe that produced so many wheels over the years at Simmons™.

An added bonus of the three piece wheel  is that if you bend or break the spun inner or outer rim section, you can separate the three parts, throw the damaged piece in the bin, then refit a new rim section to the wheel. Much cheaper than buying a whole new wheel.

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